Yes Im over 18!


It was a regular Saturday night and I was hanging out with my Georgia Tech friends at a pub in Mountain View. We were talking about getting carded every time we visited the place and how in this digital age there should be a secure way to verify a person’s age without exposing any other data. After a while, the discussion turned to how the same thing happened on the web with some websites asking you to confirm that you are atleast 18 years old before entering. It was actually quite silly. All you had to do was just click ‘Yes’. And once you are over 18, you have to click the same button every time. It could be annoying at times. I am of the opinion that anything that can be easily automated, should be automated.

So I spent the following Sunday night at home and built the first version of a new Chrome browser extension called “Yes im over 18!”. And it does exactly what the name suggests. Whenever you encounter a page that asks you the question “Are you over 18?” It automatically clicks Yes and redirects to next page.

Extension Link:

Right now it works only for When you browse to any page on reddit that is age restricted, you can see the extension in action :-)