ACES Co-Simulator [Research Project]


In January 2013, I joined the Advanced Computational and Electricity Systems[ACES] lab at Georgia Tech as Research Assistant. My group under Prof.Santiago Grijalva was investigating a future electricity grid, funded by ARPA-E. Specifically it was about decentralized autonomous power system control, renewable energy integration in power and unified network models and applications.

My goals were around investigating how to implement/integrate the various algorithms and disparate models into a working software/hardware framework, and also look at it from a Distributed Systems perspective.

Technical details:

<Stuff that I am not sure I can write publicly about. I need to check with my labmates.>

From a software point of view, what we had was a test bed for simulation which did power and network simulation with a framework containing implementations of the various algorithms sitting on each computing node.

This test bed could be controlled from a dashboard. The dashboard would allow choices for network topology, power system test cases, experimental parameters like network latency, node failure, etc. The input data would be formatted as XML and when fed into the simulator, would dynamically construct the simulation objects and run the simulation. Depending on the type of simulation, the results would either be displayed as graphs/plots live on the screen as and when they are computed or would be displayed after simulation ends.


ARPA-E project : Prosumer based distributed autonomous cyber-physical architecture

ACES : Advanced Computational Electricity System


Cyber-Physical Co-Simulation of Smart Grid Applications using ns-3.      |    (Download link)


Best paper in WNS3 ’14 (Proceedings of the 2014 Workshop on ns-3)