Projects in pipeline

1. Implementing a local cache for the Voice Activated Light Switch

In the video under this project’s description, you can see a visible delay (2 – 3 seconds) between the time the command is spoken and time the light switch is toggled. This would improve response times.

2. An extension to Facebook Graph search 😉

I noticed that several search features were deprecated after Facebook rolled out an update to Graph Search in 2014. After the update, the searches are now focussed on Status updates and Comments rather than User Profiles. So User Profile searches are not very good now. But the thing is that Facebook still has the old version of search accessible. You can still access it by constructing requests and sending it to their api. Not officially documented though. We have to poke around to figure it out.

3. Another IoT project

The hardware I ordered online has been delivered. I am just waiting until I finish some pending other work before starting on this.

4. A Chrome extension to simplify certain corner cases of browsing