Individualism and social circle

As much as we believe in the concept of individualism, I think in practice, it is quite hard to maintain a high level of individualism especially if your peers are radically different from you. The aphorism ‘You are the average of the 5 people you hangout with everyday’ carries much more value than I had realized. The process is slow but self-reinforcing.

I found out that in the past one year, I had been isolating myself and doing something unlike my peers. Practically none of the people I hang out with have side-projects. And even if they do, it is usually art / music which I am not interested in. So our everyday discussions are around topics which are inconsequential.

(This particular essay is still in progress. I haven’t reached a conclusion yet.)

What do you really want to do

I think it is useful to take a look at this comic strip and re-evaluate your life choices every few months until it becomes second nature.

Changing tactics for the next project

I noticed last week that I have too many side-projects on hand that I need to make progress on.

Building each part by my own hand is the most exciting part of the process for me. Since each of my projects are in different domains, I get to gain a basic understanding about different domains which I usually leverage for future projects. But my next IoT project has been stuck in pipeline ever since March and inching ahead too slowly for my liking. So I am going to change tactics. For my next project, I am going to focus on speed of execution rather than building everything by myself. For this, I am going to get help from my friend ET to build a part of it.